Dolgrin the "Stealthy"

Dwarven "Rogue"


Stealthy, Dwarven Confident, straightforward, impulsive (especially with money), doesn’t steal from the needy (mostly)


Dolgrin grew up in a very large extended dwarven family in the poorer parts of Janderhoff. He quickly learned to do whatever he needed to do to support himself and his family, and it turned out he wasn’t half bad at petty theft; no one expected the dwarf to be stealthy enough to break into a shop and walk off with the till unnoticed, so the law didn’t pay much attention to him.

Recently, one of his connections got him a job with the Night Scales in Magnimar, a chance to impress the guild and score some new, lucrative opportunities. However, he soon found himself way in over his head. Dolgrin was unprepared for the brutality of the Night Scales, and rather than join them, he ratted them out to the city guard. Soon after he fled to the remote Sandpoint to hide out. Since arriving in the coastal village he hasn’t stolen much – just a pair of pies and a ratty old blanket – and his limited funds are running out. He’ll need to find a job soon, but after what he experienced in Magnimar, he’s not eager to get back into serious crime.

Dolgrin has experience with going unnoticed, and he’s putting it to good use in Sandpoint while he hides from the Night Scales. However, Sheriff Hemlock suspects something about the dwarf, and Dolgrin is worried; this is one of the rare times that a lawman has ever bothered to pay attention to Dolgrin at all, and the dwarf’s unsubtle attempts to prove he’s nobody have only made the Sheriff more suspicious. Despite the racial tension between dwarves and elves, Dolgrin and Merisiel have bonded over their similar histories, forming an unlikely friendship.

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I wish there were more trait options available, some of the ones I needed for certain class skills are in random books :(

Dolgrin the "Stealthy"

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