Fiona Glenanne

Human Slayer


morally ambiguous; emotionally tumultuous; physically seductive; shoot first, ask questions later; ends justify the means.


A former bounty hunter for the Justice Court in Magnimar, she has recently become self-employed due to a “misunderstanding” with the chief magistrate. A bounty she returned with to Magnimar later died as a result of wounds suffered in her custody (he was accused of kidnapping and murdering a child, so she took particular delight in using excessive force in his capture.) Only later was it determined that the suspect had been innocent. Not only that, his family had connections and demanded her head on a platter. Fiona decided that it was time for a change in profession, and has since drifted north looking for work. Given the free and easy going nature of Sandpoint, she has decided to linger here to see what opportunities come her way.

Fionna has been staying at The Rusty Dragon and has struck up a friendship with the proprietress, Ameiko Kaijitsu. She has a respectful working relationship with Shahlelu Andosana, a local ranger. When Fiona was working in the area tracking a particularly elusive bounty some time back, she hired Shalelu to assist in the hunt. She knows Sheriff Hemlock as she knows all the local lawmen in the region as part of her previous employment. Fiona also knows Jubrayl Vhiski and his reputation as the leader of the local Sczarni (thieves network). She has gone to him for information in the past and, although reluctant to assist a bounty hunter, he knows its better to give up information on a stranger working his town than to risk bringing the attention of the Justice Court to his own illicit activities.

Fiona Glenanne

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