Khorzath of the Sklar-Quah

Half-Orc Battle Oracle


“The words of the spirits have weight, but not as much as my sword.”
The soft spoken, reserved manner disguises the measured violence eager to be unleashed.


Khorzath, a half orc – half Shaonti member of the fierce Sun Tribe of the Storval Plateau, had fought the Chelaxian invasion of the Cinderlands his whole life. His ferocity in battle and the trail of dead invaders in his wake earned him respect among his fellow warriors. The spirits of the ancestors that had actively guided him since his youth earned him reverence among the whole tribe. Therefore, it shook Khorzath to his core when he received the vision that directed he leave his tribe, leave the lands of the Shaonti, and venture south into an alien landscape of green fields and fertile farms. Never one to question the spirits (even when they were clearly playing a joke on him,) Khorzath went where the spirits directed, to the town of Sandpoint. There he awaits the purpose of the vision quest to reveal itself.

Until then, Khorzath tries to adjust to life in this strange land filled with short people living soft lives. He takes odd jobs when funds are short; helps Abstalar Zantus and Hannah Velerin tend to those in need of healing when he can, but he keeps to himself for the most part. He stays at the Fatman’s Feedbag, where he gets to vent his impatience with the spirits by breaking the noses of the local dockworkers during the nightly bar brawl.

Khorzath of the Sklar-Quah

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