Octavius Jeggare

Human Fighter/Cleric of Abadar


Expects to be obeyed, cold, zealous


A distant scion of the wealthy Cheliaxian Jeggare family, Octavius entered the church of Abadar in Korvosa at a young age, and dedicated himself fully the Master of the First Vault. When Octavius reached his majority, he chose to travel rather than stay in Korvosa, bringing the guidance and order of Abadar to the uncivilized world (namely, anywhere outside of Cheliax). Asmodeus’ recent growing popularity in Korvosa influenced young Octavius, leaving him particularly zealous and narrow-minded even among other worshipers of Abadar.

After traveling Varisia for some time, Octavius reached Sandpoint and was struck by a vision of the old lighthouse, long fallen into disrepair. He took this vision as a sign from Abadar to rebuild the lighthouse as a symbol of civilization’s protection against the dangerous wilderness.

Octavius is appalled that the spiritual head of Sandpoint is Father Zantus, a filthy chaotic Desnian (this is said with as much scorn as Octavius can muster, which it turns out is an absurdly huge amount). Octavius confronts and disagrees with Zantus whenever possible, and is only more angered by the fact that Zantus remains cool-headed and open-minded. He respects that B’Ellana worships a civilized deity, but wishes she spoke out more against Zantus’ rampant moral failings. He initially thought that Corrin, descended from the lawful and decent Torag, would be a valuable ally in his crusade for order, but quickly dismissed the dwarf as a pompous fool.

Character sheet

Octavius Jeggare

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