Sir Didymus Rumblebottom III of the Order of the Sword

Halfling Cavalier / Beast Rider / Emissary


Live by the Code of Chivalry: Courage, Honor, Truth, Valor, Virtue


Sir Didymus Rumblebottom III’s small stature belies the warrior’s spirit that lies within. Encased in his gleaming armor beats the heart of a lion, the pride of a peacock, the steadfastness of a tortoise and the strength of a grizzly! (Well, … maybe a koala.) Astride his trusty steed, Ambrosius, Sir Didymus has traveled the length and breadth of Varisia showing all that witness his heroic acts of valor that it’s not what you ARE that defines you, but what you DO. They have made stop at Sandpoint as it would appear to be a likely locale to accomplish great deeds of daring do. Also, at Sandpoint Savories, they bake the best scones and brew the best tea this side of Magnimar!

Since his arrival, Sir Didymus has made the acquaintance of the proprietress of the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko Kaijitsu, where he currently resides, as well as a number of the more adventurous guests. He has also been seen attending numerous shows at the Sandpoint Theatre and considers himself a fair bit of a classically trained actor, which he has pointed out numerous times to the theater’s operator, Cyrdak Drokkus (cough, cough.) He has also been harassing Sheriff Hemlock on a daily basis looking for wrongs needing set right, damsels needing rescue, dragons needing slaying or villains needing confounding. So far, his halfling luck has failed him, but he remains optimistic that danger waits just around the corner!

Sir Didymus Rumblebottom III of the Order of the Sword

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