Tosca Speaks-With-Beasts

and her companion, Sasha What-In-The-Name-Of-Erastil-Is-That


Impetuous, irreverent, carefree, has a natural rapport with animals, is a magnet for general weirdness


On the day of Tosca’s birth, a juvenile storm roc alighted on the roof of the midwife’s hut. The cries of the massive bird mixed with the creaking of the timbers beneath the beast’s weight, but the otherwise good omen was marred by a curiosity: the roc’s feather’s were actually scales. Such rare oddities were commonplace around Tosca; goats that could levitate food to their mouths, a foal that climbed the walls of the family’s barn, a kitten with a scorpion’s stinger… But no matter how much these random freaks bothered her clansmen, Tosca took to them like a fish (or, in one instance, a parrot with gills) to water.

Tosca’s natural affinity for the various beasts that befriended her led her to days and weeks exploring the wilds around her village. On her 19th name day, the scaly storm roc who had been present at her birth returned with a child of her own. Together with the roc’s son, whom she named Sasha, Tosca headed out into the wilderness to seek her destiny. Arriving at Sandpoint, the biggest community she had ever seen, she knew she had completed the first step on her journey.

Valeros was the first person whom Tosca met on her arrival to Sandpoint, and was the man who gave Sasha her honor name (the name being the first thing he said upon seeing the roc sprout a pair of burly human arms from beneath his wings). Tosca has made a fast friendship with the fighter, although she is oblivious to his obvious interest in her. Sasha is not oblivious, however, and has challenged Valeros to arm wrestling contests on more than one occasion when he felt Valeros was getting too close to Tosca.

Tosca Speaks-With-Beasts

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