Character Creation

Character Creation:

  • Characters start at lv 1
  • 20pt point buy
  • 2 background traits
  • Languages are limited to those listed in the Core Rule Book
  • any non evil alignment
  • characters may only have one class archtype
  • all core races are allowed.
    • Teifling, Aasimar, Fetchling are allowed, but will be considered to be outsiders, and thus, rarely seen around Sandpoint.
    • Most Drow are evil, but those who aren’t are exiled to the surface, an are thus playable. Exiled Drow can not be good or evil in alignment, and may be greeted with suspicion by surface dwellers.

All characters start with an Adventurers Pack, which contains:

  • backpack
  • tent and sleeping bag
  • rations and water skin
  • soap, personal care items
  • 2 pouches
  • 50ft rope
  • flint and steel, a few candles and torches
  • clothes and travel gear
  • empty quiver, and/or scroll tube
  • coin purse with 150gp

Rule Changes affecting Character Creation:

  • Eschew Materials:
    • Due to a change in the way spell components are tracked (see House Rules), the feat ‘Eschew Materials’ is obsolete. Classes that grant this feat as part of the class structure, instead grant ‘Spell Focus.’
  • Group Stealth
    • When a party is required to make a stealth roll as a group, the average of the parties roll is compared to the enemies perception roll

Character Creation

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