Source Material

Approved Rule Books:

-Core Rule Book
-Advanced Players Guide
-Advanced Class Guide
-Ultimate Equipment
-Ultimate Magic
-Ultimate Combat (Fire arms are allowed, but are limited to ‘Early Firearms’)
-Advanced Race Guide (Tiefling, Aasimar, Drow, and Fetchling only)

Approve Supplemental Sources:

  • Rise of the Runelords Players guide (a free download form Piazo)
    • This source gives a good, yet brief background in Sandpoint and the areas around. It also give a few feats unique to this setting
  • Pathfinder Chronicles: Gods and Magic
    • This source goes into more depth on the main gods, and also gives a brief introduction to the lesser gods. Additionally, it has some deity specific items and spells (since this book came out before most of the other rule books, the classes who can learn these spells is limited. For this campaign, any spell caster who is faithful to their deity, can cast the deity specific spell as long as they have he appropriate CL for the spell)

*Note: Hero Lab is allowed; however, the player must ensure that only the allowed source material is used

Source Material

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