Legacy Builder

Welcom to Sandpoint!!

  • Located snugly on the Varisian Bay, lies what many might call the sleepy village of Sandpoint. Though not as metropolitan as its southern neighbor of Magnimar, nor as wild Riddleprot to the north, this little town on the sea tends to attract a lot of attention. Maybe it is due to the surrounding wild lands, it’s convenient location along the Lost Cost Road, or maybe it’s just cursed; but what ever the reason, Sandpoint is never short of excitement.
  • For as long any one can remember, it is the adventurers of Sandpoint who have kept the city safe. True, the city does maintain a city guard, but while they are large enough to maintain order, they are not equipped to deal with all of the calamities that happen on a regular basis. Rather, it is the adventurers who seek fame and fortune to whom Sandpoint owes its security.
  • Of all of the hero’s who call Sandpoint home, none is more renowned than the “Legendary Five.” Among their many exploits, they fought off an army of goblins, brought justice to a homicidal maniac in Magnimar, and defended Sandpoint from an army of giants seeking to destroy the city. Now retired from adventuring, they stand as paragons among heroes.
  • But the time of the “Legenary Five” has passed. Over the years, many adventurers came to the city, and some of whom have become iconic. But the dangers to Sandpoint haven’t gone away; in fact, many a seasoned citizen would tell you that they’ve only gotten worse. Coming in time to stave off these threats, new adventurers have recently begun to arrive. Perhaps they will be valiant enough to keep Sandpoint secure, and perhaps, in time, they too will become legendary……



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