Corrin Forgeborn

Dwarven Sorcerer/"Holy Man"


Stubbornly self-assured, Proud, Pragmatic

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Corrin belongs to the Forgeborn clan, who assert that they are the direct descendants of the First Dwarves, the first seventy seven of Torag’s children that he crafted on his divine anvil. Despite his unshakeable faith in his divine ancestry, and despite a number of powers possessed by the sorcerer that are undeniably holy in origin, Corrin actually knows very little of the faith of Torag. Whenever confronted with this ignorance, Corrin (in true dwarven fashion) stubbornly refuses to admit he is wrong, and instead counters his doubters with quotes from “ancient dwarven secrets” handed down through the generations in secret from Torag himself. Such secrets are likely just made up on the spot, but it would take Torag himself to get Corrin to admit this.

Corrin arrived in Sandpoint several years ago, leading a group of dwarven pilgrim-archeologists who had hired the sorcerer to lead them to a long forgotten temple of Torag in the nearby Fogscar mountains. Unfortunately, before the group could reach the temple ruins (if they even existed), they were set upon by a group of orcs led by a half-hill giant monstrosity. Corrin and the others were captured and enslaved, forced to work for the bandits. To humiliate their captives, the orcs shaved the dwarves’ beards off. Corrin, having injured the chieftain in their capture, was made an example of: the chieftain had his shaman brew a foul and unholy poison that was force-fed to Corrin. The poison caused Corrin’s beard to fall out and left him unable to ever regrow it.

Several months after their capture, the barbarian Amiri arrived in the orcs’ camp, having heard rumors of their giant leader. When the raging Amiri crashed into the unprepared orcs, Corrin seized the opportunity and began slinging spells. The orcs were taken completely by surprise, and together Amiri and Corrin routed them and slew the chieftain, although the shaman who had cursed Corrin managed to escape.

Returning to Sandpoint, the pilgrims abandoned their quest and returned to Magnimarr. Their funding and supplies had been stolen, and months locked in a cage with Corrin had left them convinced that the sorcerer was full of shit. Corrin himself decided to stay in the port town, eventually joining with a band of locals who became adventurers and small time heroes. Since then the party has retired, and Corrin settled in and become a welcome, if eccentric, citizen of Sandpoint.

Corrin Forgeborn

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