Kasa "Whisper" Lemalei

Sandpoint's Greatest Bard, Archer, Humanitarian and Casanova


“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!”


Kasa Lemalei originally haled from the Mierani Forest to an honored and proud family. Although trained as a hunter, Kasa’s real joy was in reading lore and hearing tales of far off lands, peoples and adventures. After years of isolation, Kasa set out to see the world.
After wondering south, Kasa encountered a camp of Varisian nomads. They welcomed Kasa and provided him with a new name to go with his new life, Whisper. For many years Whisper traveled with the Varisians as they traveled from town to town entertaining audiences. He even developed a knack for comedy and story telling. His only issue with the nomads was their proclivity towards larceny. It wasn’t the grifting that bothered him so much as the indiscriminate targeting. When Whisper confronted the tribal leaders, they promised to reign it in. Placated, Whisper continued with the Varisians to the next town, Sandpoint.
A week into their stay, Whisper awoke one morning to find the Varisian camp gone and a mob of hostile farmers and the town sheriff in its place. It seemed that the nomads had liberated numerous livestock the night before, made sure the trail led to their camp leaving Whisper holding the bag. Fortunately, Whisper was able to convince the open-minded sheriff to allow Whisper to compensate the farmers rather than throw him in jail.
For several years, Kasa “Whisper” Lemalei worked in and around Sandpoint, slowly paying off his debt. Belor asked for his help in dealing with a local hero adventurer who had become somewhat of a menace. Belor, knowing of Kasa’s charm, hoped that he would be able to help keep the man under control. Intrigued at the prospect of learning the stories of a seasoned adventurer, Kasa readily agreed. Thollamon had been a powerful sorcerer and Kasa spent many years tending to the old man, keeping him out of trouble, and listening to his tales of adventure. In appreciation, Thollamon showed Kasa how to tap into his innate magical abilities. Although not as skilled as a sorcerer, he did show an aptitude for magic.
Eventually, Thollamon passed on, Kasa finally worked off his debt, and Sheriff Hemlock released him from his bond. He continued working as an entertainer at the Rusty Dragon Inn under the employ of Ameiko Kaijitsu, and when he had scraped up enough money, he gathered with a group of like-minded fellow adventurers determined to find fame and fortune. After several years of traversing the region around Sandpoint and Magnimar, the adventurers decided they had done and seen enough, and accumulated enough wealth, for one lifetime. They returned to Sandpoint to settle down, start families, build quite and respectable lives, and regale the locals with tales of their daring deeds.
Kasa has returned to his permanent room at the Rusty Dragon, where he alternates nights with Ameiko as the Inn’s main entertainment. Stories of his hilarious comedies and enthralling epics has spread as far as Magnimar, where invites for his talents arrive weekly. However, he is content to stay in Sandpoint, playing to the small crowds, and pursuing his on-again, off-again relationship with the elusive and sometimes volatile ranger, Shalelu Andosana. She is more than enough of a challenge to keep him on his toes.

Kasa "Whisper" Lemalei

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