Dwarf, Barbarian


Hotheaded, Tough, Disagreeable


Born in Janderhoff, Kurrag’s father was killed in the mines when he was a child. His mother raised him the best she could but from a young age, Kurrag was out of control. Aggressive, even for a dwarf, he was nearly universally disliked. By the time he came of age, he had made enemies of most everyone that knew him in Janderhoff, and was forced to leave the city.

Kurrag was skilled in combat, and so he made his living as a mercenary, though he never kept any given job for long because he inevitably would piss off his employer.

His most recent job was as a guard for a caravan of merchants headed to Sandpoint. There was one other person hired to provide protection for this particular caravan, a dwarf and native of Sandpoint named Harsk. Most of the trip was uneventful, but three days out from Sandpoint, the caravan was stopped by a dozen bandits.

Before the bandits even finished enumerating their demands, Kurrag flew into a rage and attacked them. Stunned by the aggression, the bandits failed to react quickly and three of them fell to Kurrag’s blade before the first bandit began to react. Harsk wasn’t about to miss the fun, so he quickly joined the battle as well. Between Kurrag’s blade and Harsk’s crossbow, the bandits didn’t know what hit them, and the two took down the entire group of bandits with no friendly losses.

The next three days saw no additional excitement and the caravan arrived in Sandpoint safely about a week ago. For once, Kurrag’s employer was thrilled with his performance and paid him double what they had agreed. Kurrag has spent the time since at the tavern drinking his reward and looking for the next opportunity to cross his path.

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