Human, Summoner


Impatient, bratty, easily angered, curious, short attention span


Morvahna is a white necromancer who serves Pharasma. When souls are sent to Pharasma to judge, and are found unworthy, Pharasma sends them back to the white necromancers so the souls can serve penance. Prophesying that this is not Sandpoint’s time to be destroyed, she has sent Morvahna to Sandpoint in order to protect it.

Morvahna lives just out side of town, in a small grotto on the sea. Here, the undead who serve her will not freak out the towns folk. She is most closely associated with B’Ellana (priestess of Pharasma), of whom she often pessters with questions, and Father Zantus, of whom she likes to drive crazy.


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