Paladin of Baldur


In the course of conducting a routine patrol north of Kassen some years ago, Sir Dramott came upon the remains of a caravan that had been ambushed. Examining the site, he discerned that an orc raiding party, most likely from the Mengul Mountains, had beset the travelers a week prior and had slaughtered everyone. When he attempted to recover the remains for proper burial, Sir Dramott was assaulted by a dirty, blood encrusted boy wielding a rowan stick. As it turned out, the assailant was the caravan’s lone survivor who was trying to protect what Sir Dramott assumed were the remains of the boy’s family. Whether the result of the trauma he had suffered or some other unknown affliction, the boy retained no memory of his name or his home. Impressed by his ability to survive the wilds alone, his dutiful protection of his family, and his courage in attacking a superior foe, Sir Dramott took to calling the young orphan ‘The Rowan Knight.’ Thereafter, the name Rowan stuck.

After returning to Kassen, Sir Dramott attempted to place Rowan with a number of families willing to foster him. However, no matter how many times he left the boy with a good home, invariably he would wake the following morning to find Rowan asleep at his stoop. Resigned to the inevitable, Sir Dramott took him on as his ward and squire. Rowan thrived under the tutelage of his mentor and over the intervening years has demonstrated an ever-increasing skill at arms, unmatched courage and a highly developed moral character, all of the necessary qualities of a paladin of Baldur.

Rowan’s past weighed heavily upon his mind. He prayed long and hard to overcome his desire for vengeance against those that murdered his family. And while he willingly embraced the tenets of his faith and duty to his order, he still harbored deep within him a hatred for any who came from north of the Mengul Mountains, a hatred he feared would burst forth in a moment of weakness.

For a time, Rowan adventured with his companions to stop the evils that prevailed in the lands and to stop the building threat of invasion from the north. However, it was during a dangerous foray into the lands of his enemies that the thing that Rowan feared most occurred. His hatred won out over his sense of purpose. When a black dragon that had been destroying elf villages flew overhead, that anger was released with a bellowing challenge that doomed Rowan and his companions to an early and ignoble demise.


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