Half Elf, Zen Archer


Focused, Determined, Solitary


Tara grew up an orphan. She never fit in with the foster families she lived with, and as a teenager ran away. She wandered from town to town making her way as best she could. Eventually, she found her way to a temple of Irori. There she felt a peace and a sense of rightness. She spent several years in study and medication at that temple learning discipline and to control her emotions. Wanting to pursue this line of study, she set out in search of a someone who could teach her more.

Eventually, Tara hear of Sajan, a monk of some renown that was living in Sandpoint. She sought him out and he agreed to mentor her and pass on at least some of what he knew. After only a short time studying with Sajan, the two discovered that Tara had a natural gift with the bow. Tara settled down in Sandpoint, and spent most of her time learning what she could from Sajan while adapting the general concepts to the use of a bow.

From time to time, she agreed to accompany local merchants and townsfolk when they raveled to nearby communities, and often her bow was the difference the kept the wilds at bay. Tara usually kept to herself and had no real friends, but she did eventually earn the respect of many in Sandpoint.

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